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Interesting Facts

What’s the difference between a pan-fried and boiled potsticker?

Pan-fried potstickers in northern China are called guo tie, while boiled potstickers are called jiao zi. The potstickers are the same item, but cooked in a different manner.

What is the difference between Chinese and Japanese Soy Sauce?

Chinese households traditionally have a light soy sauce for dipping and making light colored food, and dark soy sauce for cooking darker foods. The dark soy sauce has a more intense flavor. Japanese soy sauce tends to be lighter in color, used for dipping items like sushi.

Why is sesame oil added at the end of cooking rather than used as a cooking oil?

Sesame oil should be used as a condiment or in dressings, not as cooking oil. Sesame oil has a low burn point, which results in smoking at a low temperature.
Difference between Chinese and Japanese soy sauce