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Joyce Chen products available in stores online

Purchasing Products

Can I buy Joyce Chen Foods products on line?

Yes. Joyce Chen’s sauces, condiment, Asian oils, and Asian spices may be purchased online.

Where can I find Joyce Chen Foods products in stores?

Our products are available in supermarkets and independent grocers. In the case of supermarket chains, each store determines its product mix. That means that you might find Joyce Chen products in one supermarket but not another within the same chain. Please contact us if you need further assistance.

Is there something that I can do if a store does not carry Joyce Chen Foods products?

Yes there is! We are happy that you asked. Please ask your storekeeper to add our products. Such a request can often make a big difference in what a store carries. Here is a letter to make it easy for you to make a request. We would appreciate it if you would contact us about your request.

Will you be expanding your product line?

Yes! We are always developing new products, and researching trends. Please contact us if you have any ideas for new products.