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WGBH Open Vault Joyce Chen Episodes
Thanks to the generosity of WGBH's Open Vault, we are pleased to bring you links to 11 episodes of Joyce Chen Cooks. Filmed in 1966 and 1967, this groundbreaking national show was the first to feature an Asian star. Along with her restaurants, cookbook, and classes, Joyce Chen Cooks was part of Joyce Chen's efforts to expand the reach of Chinese cuisine. WGBH, Boston's public television station, produced this show using the set of Julia Child's, The French Chef, in spite of the stars significant difference in height.

"The programs (Joyce Chen Cooks), says food historian Barbara Haber of Winchester, Mass., were as "eye-opening" as Chen's restaurants had been."*

*Chicago Tribune, February 21, 2013, by Bill Daley
Culiniary Giants, Taught American palates to speak Chinese, Championed authentic flavors

Here's a list of the episodes of Joyce Chen Cooks. We hope that you'll enjoy watching this historic show.

April 3, 1967
Joyce Chen Cooks: Peking Ravioli

Joyce Chen Cooks: For Fussy Eaters

February 20, 1967
Joyce Chen Cooks: Sweet and Sour

February 27, 1967
Joyce Chen Cooks: Chinese Soups

December 22, 1967
Joyce Chen Cooks: Beef and Vegetables

January 16, 1967
Joyce Chen Cooks: Lion Head

October 24, 1966
Joyce Chen Cooks: Rice and Tea

May 19, 1967
Joyce Chen Cooks: Peking Duck II

September 26, 1966
Joyce Chen Cooks: Egg Foo Yung

June 30, 1967
Joyce Chen Cooks: Peking Duck I

March 27, 1967
Joyce Chen Cooks: Bean Sprouts, Home Grown