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Paul Dudley White Endorses Joyce Chen
Dr. Paul Dudley White (1886 - 1973), who many consider to be the founder of preventative cardiology, was an ardent supporter of Joyce Chen's restaurants and her recipes. An early advocate of healthy eating and exercise, Dr. White wrote the forward for Joyce Chen's innovative cookbook, Joyce Chen Cooks, which was first published in 1962. In the forward he wrote:

"Joyce Chen's recipes are commendable for several reasons. In the first place, they are a delight to the gourmet; secondly, they represent real Chinese cooking at its best; and thirdly, they are good for the health.

Many of us physicians are interested in the need of prescribing food which has a favorable effect not only on the taste buds, but also on the walls of the arteries, inasmuch as atherosclerosis (rusting of the arteries) is undoubtedly increased by overnutrition, which is as dangerous in this country in these days as undernutrition was at the time of the Pilgrim Fathers, and still is in many parts of the world.

The skillful and interesting use of vegetable dishes with sauces that are not over rich, and of meats and fish which are moderate in their fat content, combine to supply a diet which can be heartily recommended, provided the calories are kept at a reasonable level for the overnurished citizens of the western world.

These comments of mine are based not only on scientific fact but also on personal experience at Joyce Chen's restaurant where our family has enjoyed on many occasions Joyce Chen's delightful cuisine."

Among many of Dr. White's accomplishments, he was:

A medical officer in WWI
Eisenhower's physician
Chief of the Cardiac Unit at Massachusetts General Hospital
Professor of Harvard Medical School (and graduate)
One of the founders of the American Heart Association and the National Health Institute
Motivator of the Framingham Heart Study
Worked with the American Red Cross and National Institute of Health
Authored hundreds of research papers
Awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom (1964)