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Kosher Pareve Asian Products - Sesame Oil - Soy Sauce - Hoisin - Dipping Sauces

Kosher Pareve Asian Products by Joyce Chen
To us, Kosher certification means that we have gone the extra mile to source wholesome ingredients, and always adhere to strict standards of cleanliness. We are proud to offer several Asian products that are certified Kosher to our customers who chose to follow a Kosher diet for religious or other personal reasons. These products include:

Circle K Pareve
  • Lower Sodium, Gluten Free Soy Sauce
  • Double Black Soy Sauce (NEW PRODUCT!!)

STAR-K Pareve

  • Gluten free Hoisin
  • Original Hoisin
  • Savory Stir Fry Oil
  • 100% Pure Roasted Sesame Oil
  • Premium Sweet and Tangy Duck Sauce
  • Mild and Spicy Potsticker Dipping Sauces
Prior to every Joyce Chen Foods production run for our Kosher products, a rabbi trained in food production inspects our ingredients to confirm that they meet Kosher standards of wholesomeness and purity. This rabbi also witnesses the boiling of the kettles and cleaning of equipment in preparation for the run. During manufacturing, this rabbi observes the mixing and bottling of the products.

Our gluten free soy sauce is manufactured at a facility where we can be certified by Circle K Pareve, which is controlled by the Organized Kashruth Laboratories. The rest of our Kosher products are manufactured at a location where inspections are available from STAR-K, which is controlled by the Orthodox Jewish Council of Baltimore/ Vaad Hakashrus.

Where Can I Buy Joyce Chen Kosher Products?

Our Kosher products are available in a number of locations and maybe purchased online. If you need additional information, please contact us.