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Joyce Chen Fermented Black Beans

Beans With a Hint of Oranges and Spice

Joyce Chen Fermented Black Beans Aromatic
A small amount of this aromatic mix of fermented soybeans, ginger, orange and other spices adds a savory depth to stir-fry, fish, and ribs, and a variety of classic Chinese recipes, such as green beans in black beans. For use in recipes, either mince or sprinkle into dish while cooking or use as part of cooking sauce. Most recipes ask for a small amount of fermented black beans, so there’s enough in our jar for you to make multiple servings. If desired, this product can be rinsed to reduce saltiness. Joyce Chen's recipe for shrimp with pea pods and Tea Eggs are delicious when make with Joyce Chen Fermented Black Beans.

NET WT. 1.75 oz (49.6g)

Ingredients: Soybean, Salt, Ginger, Orange Peel and Spices

Contains: SOY