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Gluten Free

Joyce Chen Soy Sauce is Gluten Free

Gluten Free Soy and Hoisin Sauces
Did you know that most soy sauces and hoisin are not gluten free?

At Joyce Chen Foods, we’re committed to supporting those with Celiac Disease, and those who chose to avoid gluten for other health or personal reasons. That’s why we offer our delicious Joyce Chen’s Gluten Free Soy Sauce and Joyce Chen Gluten Free Hoisin.

How do we make our gluten free products taste so good?

The organic soybeans in our soy sauce are naturally fermented for over six months in the traditional Chinese way. This wheat-free process results in a superior tasting complex flavored gluten free soy sauce.

Some lower quality, saltier products use chemicals such as hydrochloric acid, to quickly manufacture cheaper soy sauce. Joyce Chen Soy Sauce does not contain chemicals, artificial colors, preservatives, or added MSG. Our high quality, aged Chinese-style soy sauce is lower in sodium than other brands, and is certified as Kosher. We carry the delicious flavor to our gluten free hoisin, which is made with our gluten free soy sauce.

We take it two steps further.

  • Our Joyce Chen’s Gluten Free Soy Sauce is certified USDA Organic, Non GMO, and Kosher Circle K Pareve.
  • Our Joyce Chen Gluten Free Hoisin is certified Kosher STAR K Pareve.

Naturally Gluten Free Products

We also carry a number of naturally gluten free products, including: Joyce Chen Savory Garlic/Ginger Stir Fry Oil, Joyce Chen 100% Pure Roasted Sesame Oil, and all of our spices.