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Home-style Potstickers

Homestyle Potstickers by Joyce Chen - Serve as Jiao Zi or Guo Tie

Chicken and Vegetable, Pork and Vegetable

Potstickers low in sodium and fat

Home-Style Potstickers – Delicious, Low in Sodium and Fat

Joyce Chen Foods offers home-style potstickers that are based on Joyce Chen’s original recipes. Following Joyce Chen’s philosophy, our potstickers are lower in sodium and fat compared to other brands. They have no textured soybean fillers, added MSG, or preservatives. Since these potstickers are made with unbleached flour.

Our home-style potstickers have hand-rolled style skins that have more texture and thickness than the skins of our 05:00 Potstickers.

Joyce Chen’s home-style potstickers may be boiled, and served as jiao zi* (boiled or steamed), or pan-fried and served guo tie*. These potstickers must be fully cooked since they are frozen raw. They are not microwaveable.

*Chinese term

Did you know?

Pan-fried potstickers are called guo tie, (stick to the pot) while boiled and steamed potstickers are called jiao zi.