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Features: Joyce Chen Gluten Free Soy Sauce, Joyce Chen Gluten Free Hoisin, Joyce Chen Five Spice Powder (This recipe may also be made with Joyce Chen Hoisin Sauce if Joyce Chen Gluten Free Hoisin is not available, or a gluten free dish is not desired.)


SERVES: appetizers for 6 – 8


1½ tablespoons Joyce Chen Gluten Free Soy Sauce

2½ tablespoons Joyce Chen Gluten Free Hoisin

1 tablespoon pale dry Sherry

teaspoon Joyce Chen Chinese Five Spice

½ tablespoon sugar or 1 tablespoon honey

2 pounds lean pork tenderloin

1½ cups water

Equipment Needed

  • Equipment needed
  • Small mixing bowl
  • Heavy duty plastic food storage bag with zip lock
  • Roasting pan with rack
  • Measuring cup
  • Brush
  • Meat probe thermometer that reads 135 – 185 degrees
  • Carving knife
  • Platter


  1. Mix soy sauce, Hoisin, dry sherry, Chinese Five Spices Powder, and sugar.
  2. Place the pork tenderloin in the plastic food storage bag, and add the rub to cover the meat. Set aside for at least an hour, up to overnight.
  3. Put the pork tenderloin fat side up on a rack in a roasting pan containing 1½ cups of water.
  4. Roast slowly at 300° for 2 hours, or until done. (Do not let meat touch the water. Add more hot water if necessary to keep the bottom of the pan covered during cooking.) Under new USDA guidelines, pork may be served at 135 degrees (medium raw). Cook to your personal preference, up to 185 degrees (well done).
  5. After one hour of roasting, brush meat both sides of the pork tenderloin with the additional spice mixture. Slice on the pork tenderloin either in the kitchen or at the table.

The long period roasting in the oven with a low heat and the steam from the water in the roasting pan will keep the pork tender and juicy. The best time to serve pork is as soon as they are cooked. Reheat left-overs in low oven, wrapped in aluminum foil.”