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WGBH Show Joyce Chen Cooks 1967
My mother, who died in 1994, is well known for her accomplishments as a chef, restaurant owner, businesswoman, and patenting and marketing the flat bottom wok with a handle. It’s my pleasure to share with you highlights of my mother’s remarkable career. She is credited with:

  • Popularizing Chinese authentic cuisine, including Peking Duck, Moo Shi Pork, Scallion Pancake, and Hot and Sour Soup
  • In 1958, introducing Chinese Dumplings at her first restaurant, the "Joyce Chen Restaurant"
  • Coining the term Peking Raviolis or Ravs for potstickers in the Boston area (The term is now used around the globe.)
  • Introducing authentic Chinese dishes by incorporating them into a restaurant buffet, which she initiated to increase business on slow week nights. Some of the changing dishes in the buffet were not offered in her regular menus.
  • Simplifying communication between Chinese and non-Chinese restaurant workers by numbering menu items
  • Offering only one menu with both English and Chinese; one for Chinese customer's, and one for American's with "Americanized versions of the Chinese cuisine," according to her daughter, Helen Chen
  • Serving the first and now popular "Soup Dumplings" (Shao Long Bao) and other northern dim sum items in her restaurant, "The Joyce Chen Small Eating Place" 1968.